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Is Your Accountant a CPA Licensed to Practice in Your State?

There is no one national licensing board. While CPAs take a national exam, they are actually licensed by the licensing agency in the state that they practice, live or previously resided. CPAs can be licensed in multiple states. Not all CPAs are currently working in public accounting firms. There are over 500,000 CPAs in private, public and government employment. For this reason, please specify in what state you request CPA license verification.

CPAs may maintain an "active" status license if they meet the mandatory minimum continuing education requirements of their respective state. In some states a CPA may be granted an "inactive" status without jeopardizing their license. The AICPA and the state CPA societies are not responsible for the licensing of the CPA profession. Membership in these organizations is completely elective.

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Note CPAdirectory's public CPA search should not be used for license verification purposes. Many CPAs have opted out of the publicly accessible directory for various reasons including those of privacy. Agencies and individuals that wish to verify a CPA's license should use this CPA license verification service.